Holy Mountains in the Holy Land -Itineraries-

The biblical story of salvation is as much a story of faith as it is the story of holy mountains. On this tour, you will sojourn the Holy Land from summit to summit, recalling their stories and traditions.


Fact Sheet

Kind of tour
A 2-week trail along the mountains of the Holy Land for pilgrims with a love for hiking and nature.

Main target group
Pilgrims and religiously interested travelers with a love for hiking and nature.

Length of tour
13 days / 12 nights.

Amman, Petra, Aqaba, Har Karkom Campsite, Jericho, Nazareth, Stela Maris Monastery, Jerusalem or Bethlehem.

Accommodation level
Overnight stays in hotels of preferred standard or church guest houses; Har Karkom Campsite.

Best time of travel
Spring, late summer and autumn

Best weather
Mid-March to early May, September to October.

Recommended group size
Tour is recommended especially for smaller groups but can be arranged for any group size.

General physical fitness, particularly if the tour is done in summer.


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  • Includes all major biblical mountains mentioned in the Old and New Testament.

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  • Includes multiple hiking opportunities of different levels of difficulty and length.

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  • Includes enchanting landscapes in the Jordanian Highlands, southern Negev and Jerusalem Wilderness around Jericho.

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  • The entire itinerary is based on biblical places.

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