Islamic Heritage Pilgrimage Tour -Itineraries-

Tracing Muslim Faith between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River.


Fact Sheet

Kind of tour
A tour dedicated to Muslim faith and Islamic heritage in the Holy Land combining well-known pilgrimage sites with lesser known shrines and monuments, and multiple tailoring options.

Main target group
Muslim pilgrims looking for an extension to their Hajj to Mecca or to the maqamat in Jordan; travelers interested in the Islamic heritage of the Holy Land.

Length of tour
8 days / 7 nights.

Jerusalem, Jericho, Nazareth.

Accommodation level
Hotels of all categories.

Best time of travel
Year-round, recommended especially for Christian holidays (Christmas, Easter, Pentecoast).

Best time of travel

Best weather
Spring and autumn.

Recommended group size
This tour is suitable for any group size.



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  • Includes all major Islamic pilgrimage sites west of the Jordan River.

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  • Includes several less known Muslim sites (e.g. Halhoul, Mash’had)

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  • Join the holy prayer at al-Aqsa and other mosques

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