Who we are?

HLITOA, short for Holy Land Incoming Tour Operators Association, is a network built by the shareholders of the Palestinian tourism sector. Our mission is to develop a sustainable tourism in the Holy Land, and fostering economic growth while preserving national heritage.

To enable you having the best experience possible, we will connect you to local tour operators whose highest goal it is to have you feel the full extent of the country’s hospitality.

We want to provide you the experience of discovering the land without the complexities of navigating logistical challenges. Our tour operators have the needed experience and knowledge to help you through the complications of international and cross-cultural travel in a land that has more than its fair share of challenges, alongside its many virtues.

Accompanied by licensed tour-guides, you will travel to the heart of Palestine, from Jenin in the North to Hebron in the South, and beyond. You will encounter things you might know and discover all the unknown.

What do we offer?

  • HLITOA members have unique advantages to offer; 100% full coverage and ease of accessibility in Palestine, Israel  & Jordan, as well as coverage for extensions to Egypt and Lebanon.
  • HLITOA members have a history involvement in tourism / pilgrimages, as they are involved in their business for generations and have collected expertise over many years.
  • HLITOA members offer a continuous and contiguous network of quality service providers from different walks of life.
  • HLITOA members have knowledge of a situation before it escalates into a problem, giving them the upper hand in solving matters faster.
  • HLITOA members provide round the clock service before, during and after a tour.