The Holy Land Incoming Tour Operators Association (HLITOA) was founded in 2005 by Palestinian tour operators from East Jerusalem and the West Bank of Palestine.

The motivation to establish HLITOA came from within shareholders of the Palestinian tourism sector, recognizing the need to create an entity that could serve as an organizing body to raise awareness of the incoming tourism sector, identify and address its key deficiencies and challenges, and finally, to create strategies and initiate programs to develop the sector.
The mission of HLITOA is to develop sustainable tourism to contribute to Palestine’s economic growth while preserving the national heritage and environment of the Palestinian people.

The primary strategic objective of HLITOA is to position Palestine, including East Jerusalem, as a unique, competitive and lasting tourist location.

Primary goals include the following:
• Support and strengthen Palestinian incoming tour operators.
• Represent the sector at both regional and international levels.
• Contribute to the development of the Palestinian tourism sector.
• Assist in developing Palestine’s tourism infrastructure.
• Encourage the public-private partnership in advancing the tourism sector.
• Encourage new investments in Palestinian tourism infrastructure.
• Develop Palestinian skills and talent in the field of incoming tourism through targeted training programs.

HLITOA works with governmental agencies, municipalities, churches and civic societies, consulates and representative offices of nations with a diplomatic presence in Palestine, non-profit development organizations and related trade associations. HLITOA works closely with main stakeholders of the Tourism industry : the Ministry of Tourism of the Palestinian National Authority, the Arab Hotel Association and the Palestinian Guides Union. In particular, HLITOA and the Ministry of Tourism have worked closely in strengthening the Palestinian presence at international tourism exhibitions as well as organizing delegations of incoming tour operators to countries identified as growth markets for incoming tourism to the Holy Land.

HLITOA membership is representative of the leading Palestinian tour operators in the Holy Land, bringing together their collective experience and innovation, along with a global network of contacts and human capital, for the common objective of improving the experience of incoming tourism to the Holy Land.

At present our membership includes 48 Palestinian Tour Operators legally registered in Palestine and Israel. . The day-to-day operations of HLITOA are managed by a staff of four, working closely and with the guidance of the HLITOA Board of Members. The HLITOA Board of Members is elected every two years from within the membership pool. Administrative meetings, social events, training workshops and familiarization trips are held on a regular basis, and members are frequently invited to participate in events organized by affiliated partners.
After over a decade of existence, HLITOA continues to strive towards a higher industry standard for the Palestinian incoming tourism sector; not only to improve the business ventures of our members, but as a source of national pride as we continue to welcome tourists, travelers and pilgrims into our beloved land.

For more information about HLITOA, and our specific programs, contact us at admin@holylandoperators.com

You may also view our informational brochure here: About HLITOA (PDF)